To borrow money online at Vtien, the first thing you have to do is download the Vtien app to your phone. Hint: You can search Vtien keyword on Google Play and proceed to Install
After opening the app, you need to register an account at Vtien
- Enter your phone number.
Note: You HAVE TO put "0" at the beginning of the phone number
- Next, select Send confirmation code. Within 60 seconds, we send a confirmation code to the phone number you registered above.
- Enter the password.
- Tick in the box Sign up means that you agree to the confidentiality agreement and Terms of Service of Vtien
- Select Next
If you already have a Vtien account, select Already have an account, log in.


After completing the account registration and login steps successfully. Vtien will bring you the homepage interface.
To borrow, please select the button Apply for a loan
Since you are a new account, you will need to complete your personal information.


Since you are a new account, you will need to complete your personal information.
It would be best if you had fulfilled your personal information, including:
• Full name
• Date of birth
• Gender
• Marital Status
• Education level
• Occupation
• Monthly income
• Address
You need to correct your personal information. If the review system detects that the information you provided does not match, you cannot have a loan limit
You are entirely assured when declaring your information because Vtien commits only to use the information to approve the loan limit. With the information you provide, Vtien engages to keep it confidential, following the law

No. Phone

Vtien requires you to provide 02 phone numbers of relatives. You choose the available SDT in your Contacts.
The information that Vtien needs you to provide is only to approve the loan limit, and we will not actively contact your relatives.

ID Card

To receive the loan limit, you need to complete Identity Verification
Step 1: Fill in your ID/Citizen ID number.
The ID card will include 9 numbers or 12 numbers.
Step 2: Take a photo of the front of your ID card
Step 3: Take a photo of the back of your ID card
Step 4: Take a photo holding your ID card
*** Request photo with ID card
- Portrait photos need to be clear and complete
- ID card needs to be clear and easy to see
- Hold your ID card in front of your chest, don't cover your face

Credit Limit

After the approval is complete, the system will go to the interface "Apply for loan approval."


When the system has given you the limit. At Vtien's homepage, select "Apply for a loan."
- Choose loan limit, loan term
- Minimum loan limit 350,000 VND
- Loan term: 7/14/21/90 days
- Choose the method of receiving money
Select Receive money via bank card Click "Confirm"
Check information about loan amount, loan period, interest rate, fee, receiving account.
Click "Next Step"

Get Money

Confirm loan and check the information:
Check information about interest rates, fees, loan amounts, and payments
Enter transaction password
Your bank account password